The existence of a garden in the area of ​​​​the house will certainly make the building more beautiful. In addition, the garden will also make the house look green and cool, fresh and comfortable. Gardens can make residents feel more at home. When you are bored after a long day at work, the garden will make your heart feel cool and become a cure for boredom.

How about Tips for Caring for a Beautiful Garden?

To get a beautiful garden the way is that you have to take care of it regularly. At least do this garden maintenance process every two weeks. Do it regularly, then here the garden looks more beautiful.

The equipment you will need here is a lawn mower, hand shears, additional fertilizer, the necessary growing medium, a hoe, a small shovel and a broom. You will also need a brush to clean the pots and other dirty materials.

If necessary, you can add new plants to replace dead or damaged plants. There are several ways to take care of a garden so that it can remain beautiful here. Later you can do this yourself or ask a garden expert for help.

Make sure the plant is clean

Always keep the garden clean by mixing dry leaves and twigs that fall on the ground. This is done so that the green color of the garden can remain beautiful and not covered in leaf litter. A clean garden will look so beautiful.

Spruce Up Wildly Growing Plants

Pay attention to plants that are rapidly growing to become wild, must be done regularly and continuously. For example, grass or grass replacement plants that are common tend to grow wild and untidy. The trick is to cut using a lawn mower or use garden shears.

Cutting Dry Leaves And Twigs

Some plants have leaves and dry twigs that don’t fall directly to the ground, so it’s not enough to just clean them with a broom. The leaves are still attached to the tree even though it is dry, for example palm leaves.

Leaves that are brown and others will make the view from the garden less green and dirty. Therefore, you have to cut it using hand scissors as well as tidy it up.

Cut Branch

A garden containing a large tree which here has a function as a shade tree. Some large plants such as frangipani fruit plants and others are annoying if they grow too tall.

It needs to be cut so it doesn’t get too high. You can do this using a large knife or saw. If it feels heavy you can ask for help from a lawn and garden experts.


There are times when the soil as a plant medium decreases its fertility. So that the plants become wilted and less fertile. Of course this will make the garden less beautiful. Here you can fertilize so that the garden looks more beautiful and beautiful.

For those of you who are currently trying to make your plants more beautiful and free from weeds, then of course you should use the care of those who are experienced. For that you can visit most common lawn weeds.