descargar video de Instagram

One of the social media that is currently widely used is Instagram. Instagram users have reached millions of people around the world. One of the interesting features found on Instagram is the story feature, which has been successful since its launch. Millions of people use the function to offer their followers short content.

The story on Instagram will disappear when it has been 24 hours since it was first published. The concept of disappearing messages was first introduced here by the Snapchat app which is the app that Instagram is copying with its stories here.

Generally on Snapchat people use this feature to send private messages or to post information they don’t want to keep. Some of you may be curious about how to download  descargar historias de instagram, save the stories on Instagram. To find out, you can read the reviews below.

How to Download Instagram Stories?

In the case of Android later you can find an application called AZ Screen Recorder. The application works in a relatively simple way when run as a screen capture, which here makes whatever appears on the smartphone can be recorded. This application does not have a maximum time limit for recording.

In addition, it also has advantages when compared to others. In addition to using the application there will not be any watermark in the video that you download later. You can download this application for free through Google playstore.

Another difference you can find is that it doesn’t require root access here. And can work for conventional mobile devices. Using this app allows you to capture audio from the device’s microphone which is also an advantage of using the app.

In this way, you only need to open the application for descargar video de Instagram and you will later see a floating interface appear on the screen using 4 buttons. Here later you just simply press the red color, then you will see how the capture process will begin.

Whenever you want you can stop the recording process and go ahead and do it as many times as you like. Here when you want to start saving videos, you can press X. After pressing the button automatically ig video stories will be saved in the mobile device gallery.

For the aspect of video resolution, it will be adjusted for frame rate, bit rate, countdown time, excess text, slow motion and also the logo. Later you will also be able to copy the Instagram video stories that you have downloaded to the SD card. So that way you can save the internal memory space contained in your smartphone device.

For the paid version, this application allows you to edit videos with a variety of interesting features. Besides that, if you really like making animations, then you can make them in the application. But once again, you need to be reminded that these features can be done when you use the paid version of the application.

That was a brief review of how to download Instagram stories that you need to know. The method is relatively easy, here you only need to download an application. Then you can download any video you want on Instagram stories.